Articles and Shows


The Network, hosted by THE SPACE

Art show in Downtown Santa Ana, Ca, hosted by THE SPACE, which is run by Eye No Media's Production Director, Britt Samuels. I released prints of artwork that had never been previously printed, sold originals, and signed works. 

The shows showcase an artist, musician, and a performer, to bring the arts district in Santa Ana together. Many local artists and producers come to the events to generate connections and start new projects. 


Interview with Articles of Antiquity

"Christina's beautiful illustrations promote strong females in culture. She's been drawing since she was little. Here's a little bit more about her and her style."


Treehouse Festival Poster in LA Weekly Article

LA Weekly article about theTreehouse festival featuring the poster I made for the festival.

E! News Interview with Mighty Company's Jessie Willner featuring Mural by Christina Oliva

Mighty is one of my favorite companies to work with and I was so stoked to see my mural in the article. Here's a little snippet about how the job came about: "One thing we couldn't get around when renovating the office was this horrendous AC condenser that traveled across half of the back wall. We tried to embrace it and nicknamed it ‘The Dragon'. After we finished building out everything in the office we had the idea to just tie the joke up nicely by having our friend Christy Oliva paint the whole thing with a mural of an actual dragon. His name is Leonard."