Sales Tips


I wanted to share some sales tips when it comes to art.
In college I never, not once, was given any real education on how to sell art. I went to two very highly rated art schools and no teacher gave us a way to sell our art.

Teachers DID tell us to make good portfolios. This is pretty basic though. You want to be a singer, you better know how to sing and be able to show people.

But how many people do you know who know how to sing but are not singers?

It’s because they can’t sell that to others. You HAVE to be able to sell.

Selling art is easy.


People will tell you it’s hard.
People told me it was hard to be an artist, it was hard to live off art, it was hard to sell art, and it was hard to make art. I do all of those on a daily basis and I’m able to sustain my life.

Now the first up: if you don’t know how to draw, learn how to draw and paint. But even then all you really need to do to make art is to communicate to people.

Art = communication

If you’re not telling someone something it’s not art.

A bad painting of a cat, still communicates cat.

So the job of the artist to to communicate in an aesthetic way, in a broad way, and in the most effective way.

This does not always mean you need to have the greatest technique. I certainly don’t, and I sell hundreds of dollars worth of paintings. But that is a topic for next time.

#1 Learn to make art. Learn to communicate. 

Next tip is to put your art anywhere people can see it.
This seems obvious but most don’t do it well or at all.

The internet is your friend.
Post everywhere, everything you’re doing.

Also do shows.
Art walks, galleries, senior shows, local competitions, conventions, and farmers markets.

I try and do all and it pays off. Even if I don’t make many sales I usually make a commission which is my bread and butter.

#2 Be everywhere.

The next tip will make being everywhere a lot more fun. It’s sucks to put yourself out there and make no sales. It happens. Eat over it and do it again.

So what you need to do to nip that in the bud: learn to sell.

“Sell or be sold”, “The 10x Rule”, and “Closers Survival Guide” by Grant Cardone have double maybe tripled my sales and that’s reading them once through.

Find a friend, partner, parent, anyone who supports what you’re doing and drill sales with them. Have them be shy, difficult, rude, uninterested, too nice, too mean. Learn the communicate. I’ll keep repeating that one.

The benefits of having someone you trust help you get over your fear of sales if immense.

Try stuff like this:

A) I see you like that piece, I’ll wrap it for you and get you a bag.

B) No! No, no, no! I’m broke. I’m poor. I have no room for art. Art is a luxury. I’ll have to see once I’m paid. I’ll think about it and come back. It’s not my type. You’re rude. You’re pushy. You’re the WORST! I CANT BELIEVE YOU WOULD SPEAK TO ME! I CANT HAVE ANY ART EVER!... etc etc etc.

A) You’re totally right, but you deserve it because you love it. Is that cash or card.

Now this isn’t how you handle every objection and I’m not gonna write that all out because I’m not a sales coach. You need to read the books above and drill what’s in them. It makes a difference. I’ve run across all the above and still managed to make sales because of what I read in those books.

#3 Learn to sell.

This tip is really simple and something I still need to explore.

You need to have a wide variety of things to purchase. Put your art on canvas, paper, bags, wallets, watches, purses, shirts, walls, cars, glasses, bodies, sidewalks, stickers, pencils, food! Make lessons, make videos, have classes, have coloring books, speak publicly, give things out for free.

But make sure you’re charging for everything. Even the free stuff should get you something, even if it’s not money. Could be a returned customer, a new friend, exposure (only if it is REALLY exposure. You should be reaching mass audiences who want your product and have a way to contact you. A good example of this is sending fam art to celebs that you know are going to show it off or to people in power you want something from: a job, an interview, a gig, a commission).

#4 Have a variety to sell.

The last one is simple:

#5 Don’t give up.

If you ever feel like giving up, message me! I’ll help you out. It’s not worth the world losing another artist. Too many people quit on this amazing profession, and I’ll tell you, the world is severely lacking in artist. No matter what anyone tells you.

To review:

#1 Learn to make art. Learn to communicate

#2 Be everywhere.

#3 Learn to sell.

#4 Have a variety to sell.

#5 Don’t give up.

Go make something!



Christina Oliva Art